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A note for the landscape architects today

Alessandro Martinelli

  After post-modernity, after global village, after total urbanization, how do we speak about the design of the inhabited environment? Submerged by the many posts of digital zines and architecture-related media, all look relative to me. I think everyone, after an initial visual astonishment, cannot but ask what the point is. Or, what is the meaning of the discipline if one can find so many different outcomes. And, if that is so with single architectures, what happens with design objects the like of the inhabited environment, that are incredibly complex, variegated, and full of diverse stakeholders? It seems to me that all is just out of control. But, can the designers surrender to this situation? Can they do it and forget all their moral obligations towards society? I do not think so, and I am sure that we need to clarify again what the discipline is and what it may do for our individual lives and society.

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